Trading Signals - Newsletter #1

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Market Update

At present, the majority of altcoins tend to mirror BTC's price movements. BTC has recently reached a support level as previously analyzed, and if this level remains intact, BTC is poised for a rebound to approximately 68k-70k. Likewise, most altcoins are anticipated to follow suit and rebound in line with BTC's trajectory.

Altcoins overview

The Altcoin overview corresponds to the details outlined in our previous newsletter. In case you missed it, you can take a look at the post on our trading channel on Telegram.

In addition, certain altcoins are preserving their upward wave patterns, like $ETHW. Previously analyzed in the previous newsletter, this coin was identified as exhibiting an upward wave structure before breaking its all-time high (ATH). Presently, it has surpassed this ATH and remains on a bullish trajectory. Notably, its nearest substantial support rests within the range of 3.3-3.8.

The next coin in focus is $JUP, which has extended its breakout beyond the prior high following the formation of a Cup and Handle pattern. Although the price has breached the previous level, it has not yet achieved its target. Hence, there is a strong possibility that the price will persist in its upward momentum towards the range of 1.95-2.10.

Trading Signal Updates

This week, we shared a public signal for BTC, which has successfully hit the target price of 65k, resulting in a 300% return from entry 1 and an impressive 870% return from entry 2. You can find the call link here: click here.

Meanwhile, signals for AEVO and TON remain pending, awaiting execution at limited prices. You can find further information on these signals here:
- $AEVO: click here
- $TON: click here

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