Market Newsletter #1

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Bitcoin Recover $72,000 Range

Earlier this Monday, Bitcoin regained the $72,000 range and is currently trading in the $70,000 zone, aligning with our strategy outlined in our Trading Insight community on Telegram.

Bitcoin ETFs Experience $200M Outflow Amid Uncertain Market Conditions

Bitcoin ETFs faced a surprising $200 million outflow, contributing to a drop in BTC price below $70,000 on April 9. Despite initial excitement, weak inflows into US spot Bitcoin ETFs and a significant outflow from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) underscored wavering short-term sentiment in the market.

BTC reached the sell zone and fell below $70k later then

While some traders remain optimistic with price targets around $80,000, others anticipate a potential dip back to $60,000 or lower. The overall market outlook remains uncertain as traders monitor price action and ETF flows closely amidst current market conditions.

According to the plan of our Trading Community, plan B has been triggered.

Karak Network Unveils Visionary Plans After Landmark Series A $48M Funding Round

Karak Network has recently announced a monumental achievement – a successful Series A funding round that raised an impressive $48 million, valuing the company at over $1 billion

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Paraguay Faces Economic Impact of Proposed Bitcoin Mining Ban

Paraguay is currently facing a contentious debate over a proposed bill to ban cryptocurrencyBitcoin mining, with potential economic repercussions looming large. The move could cost the country more than $200 million annually and has sparked concerns over the future of Bitcoin mining in the region.

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The Unpredictable Dynamics of the Current Crypto Market: Bitcoin Halving in 10 Days

The upcoming Bitcoin Halving cycle is seen as an anomaly by Twitter analysts, with significant differences from past cycles and implications for market dynamics, especially with the halving approaching in 10 days.

One notable departure from tradition is the timing of Bitcoin’s all-time high (ATH), which soared to $73,734 in March, roughly one month prior to the halving event. In contrast, previous cycles (2012, 2016, 2020) witnessed ATHs occurring approximately one year post-halving. This early peak suggests a shift in market dynamics, challenging conventional patterns of post-halving price trajectories.

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Solana Network Faces Congestion

Solana is experiencing network congestion due to spam transactions and increased memecoin activity, causing delays and dropped transactions. The Solana Foundation is actively addressing these issues with software patches and upcoming updates to improve transaction scheduling and implement priority fees, aiming to enhance user experience and network performance.

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